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Hallowen day

Halloween day is a popular holiday among children and adults alike. It is celebrated throughout the world and has many traditions. In particular, many think it’s a time to be scared, which is why it is referred to as Halloween. However, not all people think it’s a fun holiday. Some have criticized it for being violent, pagan, and based on occultism. Essentially, critics believe that Halloween has strayed from its original concept and now focuses too much on fun and not enough on dreading the dead.

Halloweens origins can be found in ancient Celtic traditions that were practiced by the Druids. They believed in a cycle of life and death where the living portrayed fear of the dead during Halloween. This fear was meant to purge bad spirits from the souls of the dead. The celebration also had other purposes such as healing sick people or placing spells on your enemies. Throughout history, Halloween has retained some of these original traditions, but it has also been commercialized and corrupted into a fun day for kids to celebrate spooky things instead of honoring paganism.

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